Effortless Stock Selection with Instant Financial Web Stock Screeners

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Effortless Stock Selection with Instant Financial Web Stock Screeners

Introduction to Stock Screeners

Stock Screeners are valuable tools used for filtering and evaluating stocks to identify the best-valued ones in terms of financial health and profitability. This process involves sorting through a variety of stocks to pinpoint those belonging to companies with optimal financial conditions and returns, all while maintaining an affordable stock price. This strategic approach maximizes the potential for profiting from potential stock price increases.

Simplifying the Process

The process of stock screening typically demands reviewing financial reports from numerous companies listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange, totaling around 300. Each company’s financials need to be meticulously analyzed, evaluated, and organized to eventually compile a list of top-valued stocks with the most affordable share prices.

While this endeavor is undoubtedly exhaustive in both time and effort, it serves as the necessary investment for aspiring successful investors. However, in this era of instant gratification, a more streamlined method exists—utilizing stock screening features provided by financial websites.

The Power of Web-Based Stock Screeners

Multiple financial websites offer stock screening functionalities, making the process significantly more efficient. Consider the following options:

  1. FT.com: Access at http://markets.ft.com/screener/customScreen.asp
  2. Reuters.com Finance: Visit http://stockscreener.us.reuters.com/Stock/US/Index?quickscreen=gaarp
  3. Yahoo.com Finance: Explore http://screener.finance.yahoo.com/stocks.html
  4. Wall Street Journal.com: Navigate to http://online.wsj.com/public/quotes/stock_screener.html
  5. Google Finance: Access via http://www.google.com/finance/stockscreener

Selecting the Right Web Tool

Among these options, only two platforms cater to stock screening for the Indonesian Stock Exchange. FT.com and Reuters.com Finance websites stand out as versatile tools that facilitate stock filtering across various global markets, spanning developed and emerging regions such as Asia, Europe, America, Australia, and Africa, including Indonesia.

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Navigating the Stock Screener

To effectively employ these stock screeners, the subsequent sections will delve into detailed guides on utilizing the features of both FT.com and Reuters.com Finance for stock screening on the Indonesian Stock Exchange.


Stock screeners from reputable financial websites offer a dynamic solution for swiftly and efficiently selecting stocks based on valuation and financial performance. By harnessing these tools, investors can streamline the process of identifying valuable stocks with the potential for significant returns. In the upcoming sections, we will explore in-depth tutorials on utilizing the stock screeners provided by FT.com and Reuters.com Finance to empower you with effective stock selection strategies on the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

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